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Registration Guide

Desktop View

  1. Select Join/Login in the upper right hand corner

  2. On the Sign Up page, choose your sign up method. Choose Sign up with email if you are not on your own device.

  3. Enter in your email and password.

  4. Check the Captcha

  5. You will receive an email from Twyckenham Hills CC.  Note: It may be in your junk mail. In this, locate either link to "To confirm your email" or the button and select it.

  6. After this is completed, if you purchased a membership offline (at the pool or at the end of last year), let a guard know or send an email to letting us know.  

  7. This will trigger associating your membership with your account.  You will receive one final email with a form to complete to add your to the checkin form at the pool

  8. Optional (but preferred)

  9. After confirming your membership has been associated to your login, go back to and login.

  10. After logging in, from the upper right where it says "Hello, xxxxx", select Member Profile.

  11. Under the menu bar, located the Edit Profile button and select it.

  12. Update any information that you want.


  1. Select the "hamburger menu" in the upper right.  This will bring up a menu. with a green circle with a person silhouette. Select this option.

  2. From here, follow step 2 from above.

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